The founders, being knowledgeable of the Greek IT and mobile market, conceived the idea, to establish a   company, where it’s driving force, would emerge from the ongoing support of its stakeholders, with products and services deriving from the technological evolution their industries would develop as a whole. Brainstorming and discussions of many hours gave birth to the only word that seems fit to represent the vision the founders had. That word was “OMNITECH”.


The synthesis of this word, is comprised by the Latin word “omni /(s)” , which means “all or combining all” and the abbreviation “tech” , which declares the word “technology” . This combination illustrates successfully the vision the founders had when they conceived this idea, which was inevitable to become their mission:

“To pioneer the Greek market, offering products and support services, that continue to develop and evolve, combining all technologies, while emphasizing on the stakeholders needs.”

The Founders of Omnitech



OMNITECH SA was founded in Marousi – Greece in December 1997, to provide after sales technical services and support to the Greek mobile market, with emphasis to the end users.

The founders experience and technical know-how along with, their highly trained personnel, have evolved OMNITECH , to be well known in the Greek mobile market, for the high quality services offered towards the mobile providers and the end users.

Capitalizing on the company’s starting mission, OMNITECH in a very short time (1999), established its first branch office in Glyfada, a city in the southern suburbs of the Greek capital, aiming to expand and provide its high quality services in that geographical area.

As the Greek mobile market was in its growth stage, the increasing demand for high quality services from a number of mobile stakeholders pushed OMNITECH to develop a network of own branches and large mobile chain stores, in order to provide OMNITECH’s high quality services to the Greek region.

Major contribution to this development, was the successful cooperation with all the mobile manufactures firms present in Greece, which authorized OMNITECH to provide at the begging repair and software upgrade services as an authorized service center .

Given the technological evolution in the Greek mobile and IT market, OMNITECH proceeded to established cooperation with a number of manufacture firms within these industries, as their exclusive distributor for their multimedia products covering the Greek and the Balkan region

This strategic product and services enrichment by OMNITECH drove the company to broaden its sales division into the IT and Office automations areas. Significant moment in OMNITECH’s development in the Greek market was the company’s entry in the PDA market, providing after sales technical support for PDA’s manufactured and distributed by Siemens .

The expansion in this field followed the development of Windows CE applications and the PRETEC product for Pocket PC’s and laptops, which OMNITECH introduced in the Greek market.

In continuation of OMNITECH’s services evolution, the company was awarded by SIEMENS, ALCATEL, SAMSUNG and SONY ERICSSON parent companies, the rights, through contractual agreement, to be a centralized service centre for the Greek region, providing after sales support for mobile, fixed and wireless telecommunication appliances, while developing processes and mechanisms that would assure service support to all customers within 48 hours.

Today, OMNITECH continues to provide high quality technical know-how and services to all of its customers as it pledged when it was established.


Phones Repaired

Years of Top-Quality Services

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Company Record

Company’s milestones throughout the years


Founding of Omnitech LTD in Maroussi Athens
Authorization by Motorola as a central mobile service center.


Establishment of the first branch in Glyfada Athens.


Collaboration with Euroelectronics SA, Intertech AE and Infoquest SA to products and IT services and office automation for Samsung, Panasonic and other IT companies.


Authorization by Siemens as a service for PDA products.


Authorization by Siemens as central mobile service center.
Authorization by Alcatel as a central mobile service center.
Trades multimedia products of PRETEC company.


Conversion of the company in SA
New wholesale and branch sites in central Athens.
Authorization by Samsung as a central mobile service center.
Authorization by Sony Ericsson as a central mobile service center. 


Establishment of Omnitech companies in Piraeus, Thessaloniki and Patras.


Founding of  CHELACOM LTD in Nicosia aimed at expanding the company’s activities in Cyprus.
Cooperation with Vodafone providing mobile games.


Creation of the e-shop www.omnistore.gr


Endorses the Quality Management System (QMS) according to the International Standard ISO 9001: 2000, which is applied across the company and in the activities relating to mobile phone repairs and affect the quality of services, and customer satisfaction.


Transportation of the company headquarters in an area 2000 sq.m. at Gerakas.


Authorization by Asus as a central service center for desktops, notebooks, laptops and mobiles devices


Transportation to the new headquarters of our company in Gerakas.


The starting of cooperation with a major company in the energy field as a main supplier of mobile, tablet, and accessories.


The starting of cooperation with Globalsat , the official distributor of Panasonic mobiles, as a central mobile service center.


The starting of cooperation with Skateflash to support electric scooters/bikes/hoverboards.


The starting of cooperation with Egoboo to support electric scooters/bikes.